distorted image of a view from above

An immersive and performative installation

by Damiano Picci & Zohra Mrad

mortal musings from above

Mortal Musings from Above is an immersive experience with real-time interaction. It is a collaborative and individual reflection on existence, allowing you to take a break from your vision and the noise of life.

It can be either lived as a performance or a stand-alone installation.

This piece emphasizes an out of body experience where your own thoughts on life and death dialogue with other takes. You can see and interact with yourself and the other participants in the room but not from your usual point of view.

By blending art, words and technology, we immerse the visitors’ senses in another narrative than their own.

Immersive residency

Damiano Picci and Zohra Mrad had the chance to attend the Immersive Residency of the European Creators' lab in september 2023. It allowed them to pitch a first idea of the project and reflect on the whole immersive user experience itself.



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