A VR Experience
by Velvetflare & Zohra Mrad

mortal musings from above

Mortal Musings from Above is an innovative, immersive virtual reality experience that plunges users into an existential exploration of life, death and nature. Harnessing the power of technology, artistry, and poetry, it leverages a quartet of drones to provide a transcendent, out-of-body journey.
As participants strap on their VR headsets, they are transported into a uniquely individual yet collectively shared spectacle, with real-time drone-captured imagery serving as their sky-bound eyes. The imagery seamlessly blends reality and fantasy, creating a surreal dreamscape that disrupts traditional perspectives. Guided by an ethereal voice, participants are encouraged to contemplate deep, thought-provoking themes, bridging the gap between observer and observed, and offering a fresh perspective on their own mortality and the world around them.

a blurred drone view of an urban neighbourdhood with a man crossing a street

Poetry open call

You can find the english and french explainations + submission form below
If you encounter any problem or questions, you can write us an email at : mortalmusingsfromabove@gmail.com

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